Why use an real estate agent to sell your home?

Real Estate transactions today typically exceed $200,000 and are usually the largest financial investments in a person's lifetime. Why wouldn't you use a professional?

Real Estate Agents are bound by law to treat all parties fairly and honestly and to strive to preserve a higher degree of knowledge of the buying and selling process. Your Agent shoulders the responsibility to protect your best interests and guide you every step of the way throughout the buying process. Here are a few examples of what you can expect your agent to assist you with:

Completing a Market analysis and Market Value assessment - Listing your Property in the MLS - Advertising your property to Buyers and other Agents - Assisting in the preparations to sell your home - Interior Assessment - Exterior Assessment - Gathering Community Information - Preparing the Contract and any additional documents - Helping negotiate any Counter offers or other terms of sale
Identifying Buyer Qualification - Following Loan Process - Opening escrow and depositing Earnest Money - Coordinating Home Inspections - Evaluating Inspection data and determining issues - 
Obtaining Home Warranty policies - Maintaining deadlines and timelines for performance from both parties - Communicating with both parties throughout the transaction - Conducting walkthroughs - Determining if all negotiated items have been completed - Reviewing the Settlement Statement prior to closing -  Confirming receipt of Title Insurance and Commitment - Coordinating the closing process - Providing excellent service throughout the transaction 

As you can see, this list is just the foundation for successfully selling your property. There are many more aspects to your transaction, and it is in your best interest to use an agent.

Let me help you on this journey!

Whether you want to buy, sell, flip or invest in a property I will make your transaction easy and successful.

You've made the decision to sell your home, but don't know what to do now! Selecting an Agent to help you through the entire process from start to finish is going to be as important as determining how much to list your home for, and what your goals are in selling the property.

The best thing you can do when selecting your Agent is to choose someone who has a personality that fits with your own. You will be spending a lot of time with your Agent, so liking them would be a major plus!

Consider asking the following questions when interviewing an Agent to sell your home:

How does the process of selling my homework?
Your Agent should be able to explain the process of listing and marketing your property, negotiating offers on the property, the inspection process, the closing process and more. Also, inquire about what your responsibilities are during the transaction.

Can you assist in determining my listing price?
An Agent should know the comparable sales data, and be able to give you the information you need regarding current listings, pending sales, and recent sales. After a thorough review of the data and some advice from your Agent, you should be able to come up with a listing price. Your Agent should not be the one to make the final decision about your listing price.

Can you help me stage my home? Do you have training and education?
Most states have strict laws regarding licensing and continuing education. Your Agent should be able to give you up to date information, should be committed to continuing education and should always act with professionalism.

Can you give me any references?
Be certain that your Agent is willing to give you references, or let you contact past clients.

What can I expect as far as communication?
You will want an Agent who listens to your goals, explains and identifies problems and answers all of your questions. Communication is key, so ask your potential Agent how he or she plans on informing you of issues or concerns throughout the transaction as well as timelines and deadlines.

How do you get paid?
Inquire about the fee structure and representation. Listing Agents actually earn a commission and are paid by the Seller out of funds at the closing. Ask your Agent to explain the process so you have a better understanding of how it works. Your Agent is a licensed professional and is there to help and protect your best interests.

Let a HomeSmart Agent begin helping you on this journey today.

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